About Us

John & Lori Alexander

Senior Pastors

Dr. Alexander has been leading Sanctuary Church to the next level of ministry and community since 2008. He's distinguished by dynamic and visionary pastoral leadership of seven churches during his ministry. During his 30+ year career he has also servied as a youth pastor, a member of our state council, and as Regional Bishop. He has a degree in pastoral studies from South Western University and has earned his Ph.D. from Trinity Theological Seminary.

His passion and vision is to help others to reach the full potential of their purpose and calling in life, and his joy is to lead and assist in developing others to become laborers and leaders for Christ. He places a strong emphasis on education and Biblical doctrine.

"It is a great joy to serve the people of Sanctuary Church and the Orlando community." Dr. Alexander says. "The people are kind, friendly, compassionate, caring, spiritual, committed servants and worshippers who love God!"
Pastor John is a huge sports fan, in particular of the Dallas Cowboy and of Notre Dame football. 
He and his wife Lori are friends to all and invaluable as the leaders of Sanctuary Church. Their family includes daughter Ashley and son-in-law Chris and son Dustin and daughter-in-law Jessica, grandchildren Harper, Mackenzie and Tyler. To Pastor John and Lori their family is the Lord's greatest earthly gift.