About Us

Tony & Sheena Talavera

Student Ministry & Group Pastors

Tony first came to Sanctuary church at the age of 15, and immediately got involved in ministry leadership in youth, children's ministry, and drama. He came on staff at the age of 17 and has literally been sitting behind the same desk ever since.

Since that time he has served in almost every area of our church from media and marketing to teaching and preaching, from drama and worship to student ministry and learning center chaplain. He brings enthusiasm and creativity to every area he's involved in and is exceptionally proud to call Sanctuary his home. He is a popular speaker at youth events and blends humor and pop culture with the timeless truths of scripture.

"I know how much this church has meant to me," Tony explains, "in every season of my life, those I'll always remember (and those I wish I could forget) this is a place of family, of hope and of steadfast love. I feel like everyone should have a place like Sanctuary Church to call home."

Tony is the host of the popular podcast The Nerd of Godcast, blending Christ-culture and Nerd-culture. He lives every single day of his life to the fullest with his wife Sheena and son Christian.