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Share your faith and serve.


The mark of a great church is in the impact it makes. In order for a disciple to experience the greatest satisfaction in life, our faith should come to life through our works. We call this Giving Back. Healthy believers give back by sharing their faith and serving others. Our commitment is to help each person discover their role in the story God is telling in this generation. 


For more information on joining a serve team, or to get involved, please fill out a "Ready to Serve" card at Guest Services or click the button Below.

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Available Positions

Here are a few positions you can fill right away! Join the Team!

You are the first impression for all Sanctuary guests! Everyone's visit to Sanctuary begins with you!
Lead God's people in worship through music. See if this this the opportunity God has been leading you too.
This is a pivotal position at Sanctuary Church! The front line of hospitality!
Online Church doesn't happen without this team. Join the team behind making sure the Gospel is shared.
This team can work right from your home! You work to help to keep the message shared and the church informed!