New Believers

Your Journey Begins Here.

Did you accept Jesus Christ into your life?

If you’ve responded to invite Jesus into your heart, either for the first time or as a step of recommitment. This is a big deal, because now you have become a Christian, your eternal destiny has changed from death and separation from God to everlasting life in His presence. Beyond that, Jesus promises you an abundant life filled with access to God’s promises.

We’re honored to be with you for this exciting moment, and we want to make sure that you have everything you need as you begin your journey as a Christ follower. 

We’d like to give you a book to walk you through what’s next as a Christian. Take time to look through it, it’s sure to answer any questions you have (and maybe some questions you haven’t even thought of.) We’d also like to give you a Bible if you need one. 

We’d like to invite you to a First Steps group that meets here on Wednesday nights. Over several weeks you’ll discover key elements of God’s plan that will excite and empower you. Sign up HERE

We encourage you to be baptized. While we don’t believe that baptism is essential for salvation, it is a wonderful way to signify what God has done and to show the world an outward sign of his inward grace.