3 Ways to stay connected to your church online

This is the main point.

See how you can stay up on all of your church's information.

3 Ways to stay connected to your church online


If you want to ensure you are catching every post including updates about your church you can select a section on their page called 'See First’. This ensures that when you get on Facebook you are guaranteed to see the church’s posts and updates first thing!

This process is super easy, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your church’s Facebook page
  2. Click on the '3 dotted menu button’
  3. Select 'follow settings’.
  4. Select 'See First’ button.
  5. Hit the 'Update button’ to activate this setting.

2) ONLINE Schedule

If you haven’t already, you can follow your church’s online schedule. Many church’s are putting together an online schedule of devotions, messages, worship, etc…Plan to hop online to the church’s platform during their broadcast times to be a part of all the good things they are doing. In many cases there are a lot of ways to interact with the videos and posts that your church is doing.

Your church doesn’t have a schedule yet? No worries, this is new for everyone, they will likely release something soon. Do step one to get the fastest updates possible.

3) GIVE online

If your church is in this century, you probably have a way to give online. We may not be gathering physically every Sunday, but your church is still doing some vitally important ministry within your church body, and community. This ministry needs resources and man power to carry out these responsibilities. We are the church, we are the hands and feet of Jesus, and we must remain faithful to his word.

Here are a few ways your church may have available to give: (if you have questions about your church’s giving, don’t hesitate to message them and find out)

  1. Church website
  2. Church app
  3. Text to give number
  4. Giving app (some church’s have a 3rd party giving app you can easily download and give)

Support your church, support your community, support the gospel.

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