About 21 Days of prayer and fasting for 2024


21 Days for 2024 is specific set of days that we set aside to prayer, and fasting. Of course, we can do these things at anytime, but we make a commitment as a body to begin the year with prayer each year in January.

We have 4 ways to participate, along with resources to help you engage with God during this time.

1: Saturday Prayer at 9 AM (in the Sanctuary)

2: Pray First Prayer Strategy

3: Fasting Plans

4: Bible Reading Plans

Our time of prayer and fasting begins on Sunday January 7th and ends on Sunday January 28th.

1: Saturday Prayer at 9AM


As a body of believers we are dedicating every Saturday morning at 9AM in the month of January to Prayer. The Church will be open with a prepared environment for prayer, led by the Pastors at Sanctuary Church.

We ask everyone who can to please attend this time of unified prayer. Even if you can’t make it, make a place wherever you are to pray with us right where you are.

Locations and Maps are available in the links below.

2: Pray First Prayer guide


The Pray First booklet/app is your guide to intentionally pray each day. This guide will challenge and inspire you to think of prayer differently than you have before.

We have physical copies of our Pray First Prayer Guide books (COMPLETELY FREE). You can grab one at our Guest Services counter anytime.

If you prefer your phone, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND the ‘Pray First App’ you can download it in the link below.

3: Fasting Guides


There are a variety of ways you can choose from to participate in fasting, we encourage you to be prayerful and intentional in choosing which fast is right for you.


Fast something that is a habitual area for you. For example sweets, TV, secular music, social media, caffeine, etc.


This consist of eating only a very selective diet. You are not limited to a specific amount of food, but rather to the kinds of food you can eat. The Daniel Fast is limited to vegetables (includes fruits) and water.


This is a full fast, with no food, only water, for a time ranging from the entire two weeks to a smaller portion of time of your choosing. It is a representation of the 40 day fast Jesus did in the Gospels. This is a very powerful spiritual experience, not one to be taken lightly.

4: Bible Reading Plans


You can find a physical 30 Day Bible Plan at Guest Services to accompany your time of fasting during this time. Available in the Lobby of the church at any time.

If you prefer utilizing your phone for quick access plans, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND the ‘Sancutary Church App’. We have an every day reading plan within the app as well as resources to other plans we recomend on the ‘Bible App’ you can download both it in the links below.

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