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Revolution Student Impact

Revolution is a group that brings students together for a life-changing and life-giving experience. We are here to prepare students for what comes next in life, culture, and eternity.

We do this through culturally relevant messages, relatable small groups, and engaging events. From outings to hanging out, we prepare a safe place for students to be.

Join Our Wednesday Night Experience!

Every Wednesday Night at 7PM we host a full Youth Service geared to student from 6th-12th grade. During this service we have also meet for small groups

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Follow us Youtube for regular devotionals, fun vids, and updates!

Student Devo Playlist

Worship with us!

We made a playlist of our favorite worship songs just for you!

Subscribe to this our playlist and worship with us! While your at it check out our other playlists! (Jesus approved)

Uprising Middle School:


Sunday morning, worship and learn in an environment perfect for students in grade 6-8. Hang out, sing songs, share in groups and discover the big part you have to play in the story God is telling. It's time for this generation to rise up.