Life is better Together

Find out why life is better TOGETHER.


We believe life change happens in the context of relationships. We also recognize that relationships are not always easy to find.

Groups are designed for you to connect and grow closer to each other, and closer to God.

Learn about our Midweek GROUPS.


Hear from Groups coordinator Blake Riccard about what midweek groups have in-store for you.

These groups meet every Wednesday evening at 7pm.

3 Group Categories

It’s been said that there’s an app for that, we’d like to believe there’s a group for that!

Gather Groups

  • Groups focused on Fellowship
  • A place where ALL are welcome
  • Groups for what YOU love

Grow Groups

  • Groups dedicated to Discipleship
  • Growing in faith together
  • Becoming more like Jesus

Go! Groups

  • Groups powered by Outreach
  • Spread the love of Jesus
  • Make a difference

So, you want to Lead a GROUP.


Do you have a passion that you think others would enjoy?

We believe that if you love it you can lead it. Submit your group idea and any questions you have to begin the process today.

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