What is Family Friend Day?

Family Friend Day is built around the body of Christ coming together, hearing the Gospel, Eating a meal, and enjoying time with one another.

We enccourage everyone to bring a friend or family member who does not regularly attend church and bring them with you to enjoy the day. Family Friend Day will include a Gospel message, BBQ, and Backyard games.

Time and Location


Event, Date, & Time

Sunday | March 24th | 10AM

4 Steps to Invite Someone


Pick someone to invite



Invite them to join you

Give them an invite card or send them this link


Tell them what to expect

Reference the Q&A section below


Bring them and enjoy the day!

Q&A about Family Friend Day

What will Family Friend Day look like?

Church Service > Food (Mission BBQ) > Backyard Games > Connection with other Believers

Will there be something for kids?

‘Sanctuary Kids’ will be in full operation (Nursery – 5th Grade). Your kids will have church geared to connect the Gospel to their age. After the service, their will be a fenced-in backyard with games and a playground for kids. 

What will we eat?

We have a BBQ meal set and ready to eat as soon as service lets out. Completely FREE to everyone who attends Family Friend Day on April 2nd.

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