What is Family Friend Day?

Family Friend Day is built around the body of Christ coming together, hearing the Gospel, Eating a meal, and enjoying time with one another.

We enccourage everyone to bring a friend or family member who does not regularly attend church and bring them with you to enjoy the day. Each campus will host it’s own Family Friend Day with a Gospel message, BBQ, and Backyard games.

Time and Locations


Event, Date, & Time

Sunday | April 2nd | 10AM



Event, Date, & Time

Sunday | April 2nd | 10:30AM


How to Invite Someone


Pick someone to invite



Invite them to join you

Give them an invite card or send them this link


Tell them what to expect

Reference the Q&A section below


Bring them and enjoy the day!

Q&A about Family Friend Day

What will Family Friend Day look like?

Church Service > Food (Mission BBQ) > Backyard Games > Connection with other Believers

Will there be something for kids?

‘Sanctuary Kids’ will be in full operation (Nursery – 5th Grade). Your kids will have church geared to connect the Gospel to their age. After the service, their will be a fenced-in backyard with games and a playground for kids. 

What will we eat?

We have a BBQ meal set and ready to eat as soon as service lets out. Completely FREE to everyone who attends Family Friend Day on April 2nd.

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