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Growth Track

One of our church's core values is we want to see everyone Believe, Belong, and Become all they can be in Christ. That process begins with Growth Track, a bi-monthly interactive luncheon and learning experience. This is your first step in your Sanctuary Church journey. If you're new to the sanctuary community, or you simply want to rediscover your church, sign up today at here on our site. This event is free and childcare is provided.

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Once you've completed Growth Track, we invite you to consider joining the Sanctuary Church family as an official member.

Members have access to church business  meetings, voting on ministry decisions when applicable, as well as access to a member preview day in the fall for a special inside look at upcoming events and series.

Members are received in a special service moment once a quarter. 

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A Group is 5-6 couples or 6-8 individuals meeting regularly in homes, coffee shops, parks, or even at the church to connect, experience God’s word & pray. It's all about belonging and doing life together! Groups provide connections, which lead to relationships, which leads to life change! We provide the opportunity to move from rows to circles, where community happens. 

Groups create an atmosphere for spiritual growth and to experience discipleship, as well as a platform for safe, trusting relationships. They are a place to share, to be known, heard and develop deep friendships. 

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